Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation

The corporate world is sated with challenges – particularly when it comes to the skills and experience of the professionals working for an organization.To ensure that a company’s customers receive a steady state service, the employees need to be trained extensively and be updated with the latest in business environment. However, companies face a daunting task finding highly skilled professionals who will deliver quality performance and help the company reach its business objectives. Companies seek to reduce the training costs, thus they need talent, which can give them the confidence of achieving desired results without having to spend huge bucks on their training, and this is where TEKNOWLEAP steps in.

We closely co-operate with major local universities, technical institutions, and software development companies. So far, we have a databank of ample resumes of technical specialists, programmers, software architects, QA engineers, business analysts, and managers that are, in fact, our potential employees. We are able to create teams according to your requirements (skills, experience, and number of employees) that can be managed either by you, our customer, or by our managers. We train them to suit you, your needs just that they would be yieldable from very first day of their allocation. Thus we provide people at your disposal on our cost!!

These skilled manpower under our IT Staff Augmentation services work as an extension to our customer's existing staff. The personnel are certified professionals in their domain of expertise and have full access to our technical knowledge base. They are fully supported by the infrastructure of our development center in India.

The solutions areas for which these skilled manpower may be availed by our clients may vary from developers in either Microsoft (MS) or Open source (Linux etc) platform to Graphic designers and SEO professionals. Following are a few of the areas that our IT Staff Augmentation services include on a monthly basis:

  • Dedicated .NET programmer.
  • Dedicated ASP.NET programmer
  • Dedicated JAVA programmer

Some of the benefits of availing offshore IT Staff Augmentation services from Teknowleap Inc., are as follows:

  • Highly qualified and experienced personnel to suit the client's exact requirements
  • Having the flexibility to switch the dedicated personnel in line with the changing requirements of the client
  • The ability to discontinue the services when the requirements are taken care of and as per the period of initial contract
  • The advantage of skilled dedicated manpower at a very competitive price
  • Support of a fully developed knowledge base and infrastructure