• Collate the unstructured data hidden in social media.
  • Correlate this hitherto unconnected and unstructured data with traditional business KPIs.
  • Analyze these data sets jointly in a single window by providing dynamic self-service and business user-friendly dashboards.
  • Discover relationships and trends between these data silos to leverage them effectively.
  • Strategy and Consulting/ Information Management for Analytics/ Information Convergence / Data Visualization and Predictive Analytics.


  • Partnered with key product leaders to provide best in class next-gen services to our clients.
  • Experience in all market leading platforms has been helping customers across the globe in identifying their business indicators and build web and mobile enabled reports based on the customer’s context.
  • Experienced in discovering data like never before/ Unleash insights that can reshape business value/ Bridge diversity in information systems/ Fortify market presence.