About Us

About Us

Teknowleap Inc., is helping companies change existing business paradigms by bringing tomorrow’s AI and Automation solutions to today’s businesses.

Teknowleap Inc., is a fast growing IT staffing solution provider with longstanding history and relationships with Fortune 1000 and mid-market companies across US and India. Our extensive experience in IT talent acquisition and management, coupled with our strong work ethic have helped us serve many a corporations enhance their capabilities and provide them the critical horsepower needed for accelerated growth.

Success is a measure of performance with a dedicated focus on finding and continuously enhancing your human capital. We have provided critical assistance to a variety of corporations, large and small in identifying, acquiring and retaining candidates.

Through our long standing and deep associations with many leading corporations, we have developed strong area of expertise, allowing us to efficiently service corporations from a wide variety of industries. We provide extensive training to corporations, helping them stay current with the current realm of cutting edge technology. Our trainings and consultations have proved to be critical performance keys to many corporations.

We have dedicated our efforts to utilize our prolific skill and expertise to help corporations in their goals of employee fit, performance maximization and employee satisfaction, contributing towards accelerated growth.

Our experts are SMEs in the following critical business areas – data sources (internet devices), mobile commerce strategies, customer acquisition & retention and ultimately, leveraging enterprise data management to drive competitiveness. We have the resources that can help you design your enterprise architecture, build & deploy your applications, as well as manage your IT operations 24×7.

Our focus areas include: AI, Data science, RPA, Connected cars & devices, Natural language processing, Computer vision, Virtual agents, Blockchain, IoT, Mobile commerce, Retention programs, machine learning, AR, VR, Gaming, Enterprise data management.

The Artificial Intelligence needed to help your business isn’t something to buy off the shelf, it’s something we build and train for your business needs. TEKNOWLEAP is one of the first companies to leverage AI to automate and transform its Contingent Workforce solutions business. Let us help you get going – visit us at www.teknowleap.com or email us at info@teknowleap.com